JSC “Teleradioсom” is now provides the broadcasting of 4-Natioal TV programs, inside the Republic of Tajikistan and abroad. 

Coverage of the population of the Republics of Tajikistan with National Tv progarams:

a) Public TV “Shabakai Avval” – 99.72%
b) State television TV “Safina” – 92.70%
c) Children and youth, state television TV “Bakhoriston” -88.87%
d) Public TV “Jahonnamo” – 78.94%

JSC “Teleradiocom” has the equipment for satellite communications that has the ability to instant broadcast commercial programs from any point in territory of the Republic of Tajikistan to the satellites. Offering to provide telephone services to mobile operators, network IP ua IT microwave currents. JSC “Teleradiocom” provides the Microwave line services to Operators of mobile networks of the Republic of Tajikistan for rendering IP and IT services.