Maintenance of information field of the population, especially maintenance of inhabitants of various regions of republic with programs of national television of the country is one of priority aims of a policy of the Republic of Tajikistan.
With that end in view with direct support of the President of republic Emomali Rahmon in the Republic is carried out the Government program of «Developments of a digital television broadcasting in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2010-2015»

It is necessary to notice, that after deep studying experts came to a conclusion that in the Republic of Tajikistan realizations of introduction of the European method of digital television DVB-T2, that is terrestrial broadcasting of digital television is purposeful.
Transition to a digital broadcasting it is not so simple and this program is stage by stage carried out. It is provided that till the end of 2015 in all regional centers of Republic the digital television will be broadcasting.

Expensive readers and clients more low we try to show the privilege of a digital announcement from an existing analogue announcement:

– This system allows to save the electric power in great volume, efficiency of the process equipment increases for 80 and more percent;

– The problem of an announcement of paid programs dares fast rates;

– Maintenance of creeping lines simultaneously in several languages allows;

– Quality of an announcement of digital television at various types of telecasting remains very high and effective even for usual and satellite aerials, and also on handling equipment;

-Realization of the given system provides larger quantity of capacity of TV channels;
– Stability of digital television on comparison with the analogue is very raised also different hindrances do not threaten this system;

– Transition to a digital announcement allows a multi-channel announcement to viewers and gives new possibilities of access to the republic population to the Internet and other modern informational sources.

Experts offer following methods of realization of the given program:
1. The state financial support;
2. Creation of conditions for attraction of inventions and soft loans.

On the basis of the Concept of a state policy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the field of television and radio broadcasting for 2010-2015 which is approved by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, order for № 529 from October, 1st, 2009, the Committee on television and radio broadcasting under the Government of the Republic Tajikistan prepared the program of stage-by-stage realizations of transition from an analogue broadcasting to a digital broadcasting to the European format of terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-Т2.) It is necessary to notice, that working group, carrying out monitoring of operating television structures, the international standardization and results of analyses on local skilled domestic digital terrestrial broadcasting, came to conclusion that on realization of the terms of the given program is necessary not less than five years. During this period the analogue and digital broadcasting will operate together. Made analysis shows that, for the full transition of whole territory of the Republic of Tajikistan to a digital broadcasting will be needed from 10 up to 12 years.

Present TVs cannot accept a signal of a digital broadcasting. But it does not mean that we should change the TVs. On the contrary in this situation it is possible to use all television receivers, even the most out-of-date television receivers (aerials). For this purpose it is necessary to get the decoder (set-top-box) which is connected to the TV.
It accepts a digital signal, transforms it in analogue and transfers in to reception system of the usual TV. The viewer only needs to choose the necessary channel.
The decoder price makes at present 243 TJS and by the prediction of experts at increase of requirements of the population on given production the price for decoders will tend to decrease. Despite arisen economic and social difficulties of JSC “Teleradiocom” with support of the Government of Republic Tajikistan and Committee on television and radio broadcasting at the Republic Tajikistan Government intend to carry out given project till the end of 2015.